Introduction To DreamWorld

Ancient Lucid Dreamers

Lucid dreaming is not a modern phenomenon. Historically, ancient cultures like the Egyptians and Greeks were fascinated by the concept of lucid dreams. Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote about lucid dreaming in his book "On Dreams," exploring the idea of consciousness within dreams more than 2,000 years ago.


Lucid Dreaming and REM Sleep

Lucid dreams primarily occur during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, which is the stage of sleep associated with intense brain activity, vivid dreams, and muscle paralysis. This state allows for a unique blend of heightened consciousness and the dream world, providing the opportunity for dreamers to become aware and control their dreams.


Time Dilation in Lucid Dreams

Time perception in lucid dreams can be drastically different from waking life. Dreamers often report experiencing extended periods of time, sometimes feeling like hours or even days have passed within a single lucid dream, despite it only taking a few minutes in real-time.


Physics-Defying Possibilities

In the lucid dream world, the laws of physics often take a backseat to imagination. Dreamers can fly effortlessly, breathe underwater, travel to distant galaxies, and meet historical figures, all with the power of their mind's creativity and dream control.


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